Above ground irrigation pipes

What are

Above ground irrigation pipes are pipes made using rather resistant materials because they remain exposed to the outside for long periods. They are the alternative to the underground irrigation system. Usually the latter is mainly used for gardening, while the above ground system is used in agriculture. In agriculture, in fact, much less attention is paid to aesthetics and much more functionality is sought, and the above-ground irrigation hose is precisely able to provide it. The pipe is positioned at a determined distance from the crops, so that irrigation is targeted according to the type of plant species. The pipe is as long as the ground is extended. There is therefore no limit, but based on the need the farmer can decide what the length of the tube should be. The sprinklers are naturally connected to the hose, which can differ according to the model chosen and always in relation to the type of crop present. Above ground irrigation pipes are practical and comfortable, the system assumes the need for a connection to a water source and an arrangement that can let the plant grow naturally without hindering it and that it is placed at an adequate distance to avoid a excessive watering.


The underground system provides different times and methods of implementation than the above-ground irrigation system. First of all, the latter system saves time and money because it is not necessary to dig passages into which to insert the sprinkler tube, but just place it directly on the ground. In this way the system could be defined immediately usable, because it can be used immediately after having tested its correct functioning. Of course, the underground system has a different aesthetic that cannot be combined with that of the above-ground irrigation system, but the latter still performs the function for which it was designed.

How to choose it

As already underlined in the previous paragraphs, the above-ground irrigation system is certainly recommended for agriculture rather than for irrigating a garden, but it does not detract from the fact that those who do not want to afford underground can use this system obviously knowing in advance that the pipe will remain visible. The only reason why you prefer one system to another for garden irrigation is aesthetics. The choice must be related to the size of the field to be irrigated and it is always advisable to focus on materials of a certain quality.

Where to buy

The sprinkler hose for an above ground system must be purchased at stores that sell agricultural, gardening or DIY equipment. In addition, it is also possible to purchase online, by contacting specialized sites that deal with the sale of gardening and agricultural equipment. Using the Internet as a valid system for choosing an above ground pipe, you have the opportunity to have a much broader comparison with the costs present in the store. In this way, the customer will then decide where to make the purchase that he considers to be more convenient. On the Internet, you can find on the site not only the wide range of products related to the sector of interest, but above all a choice also referring to models just presented on the market. Anyone who decides to make the purchase directly on the net must however be satisfied with viewing the product only through photographs and analyzing it through a descriptive card. Once the order has been placed, the product will be delivered directly to your home according to the established times shown on the site. Furthermore, always on the internet, in addition to an above ground pipe, it is possible to buy the various accessories and everything that is necessary to install it personally. With reference to the installation carried out personally, it is good to reiterate that in order to properly perform an above ground irrigation system it is important to have basic knowledge that can lead to the creation of an effectively efficient system.

Above ground irrigation pipes: Costs

The costs related to an above ground irrigation system first of all include the purchase of the irrigation hose and then the related accessories essential for the water jet. In the event that the construction is entrusted to a specialized company, the same workers will take care of the purchase of what is necessary for the construction. If, on the other hand, you personally take care of this work, you must be properly informed about what you need to buy. For many, it is also essential to make a cost-effective expense that is only possible if the costs are compared between various shops or on the Internet, choosing the solution that appears to be the most convenient and quality.

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