Red Succulent Plants – Information About Succulents That Are Red

By: Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Red succulent plants are all the rage and most everyone’sfavorite. You may have red succulents and not be aware because they are stillgreen. Or perhaps you bought red succulents and now they’ve reverted to green.Most red succulent varieties begin with a green color and turn red from sometype of stress.

Not the typical type of stress experienced by humans, plantsexperience stress that makes them more beautiful. These include water stress,sunlight stress, and cold stress. Let’s talk about how to safely stress yoursucculent and turn it red.

How to Turn a Succulent Red in the Cold

Many succulents, like Sedum Jelly Beans and Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras,’ can take cold temperatures downto 40 degrees F. (4 C.). Check for your succulent’s cold tolerance beforeexposing it to these temperatures. The secret to safely leaving them intemperatures this cold is keeping the soil dry. Wet soil and cold temperaturesare often a recipe for disaster in succulent plants.

Let the plant acclimate to dropping temperatures, don’t justput it out in the cold. I keep mine under a covered carport and off the groundto avoid frost. A few days of experiencing cold temperatures will make MardiGras and Jelly Bean leaves turn red and hold tightly to the stem. This worksfor making many other succulents turn red, too, but not all.

How to Make Succulents Red with Water Stress and Sunlight

Was your succulent nicely red on the edges or on many leavesand a few weeks after you brought it home, it turned green? Likely you’ve beenwatering it regularly and possibly not providing enough sun. Limiting water andproviding more sun are other ways to stress succulents to turn red. When you’rebuying a new plant, if possible, find out how much sun it was getting and howmuch water. Try to duplicate these conditions to keep your plant that beautifulshade of red.

And if the leaves are already green, decrease water andgradually add more sun to bring them back to the red hue. Transition slowly,beginning with bright light if you’re unsure of the plant’s previousconditions.

Care for Succulents That are Red

Make all these changes gradually, keeping an eye on eachplant to make sure it is not getting too much sun, too much cold or not enoughwater. If you observe regularly, you’ll be able to note both healthy andunhealthy changes before you do harm to the plant. Research your specimens soyou’ll know what to expect.

Keep in mind, not all succulents will turn red. Some will turnblue, yellow, white, pink, and deep burgundy, depending upon their internalcoloration. Most succulents, however, can be stressed to intensify their color.

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I have a Pink Mountain Rose succulent that I purchase awhile back. It looks awful! Company I bought it from states NOT to water it until Autumn! Is this true?

Ah, no, that’s not true. You should water it as you do other Aeonium, slightly more than your average succulent. It should be watered about once a week on average, assuming normal weather.

Can these flowers be house plants

Sure, they can grow inside if they have lots of light.

I just brought a white rose succulent.
Today actually.
And I don’t know how to look after it.
It was already planted and has sprouted. I got it from a plant shop.
If you could give me 10 or more or less steps how to take care of it, that would be Awesome

hi I bought some plants from china. arrived acoup0el weeks later so IM sure calloused enough. how ever, my guess is CHina is on opposite season> IM in Michigan. Imguessign they are dormant. can I start them on dirt and give some sun now> or do they need to rest and go dormant maybe a couple of months? thanks I emailed the seller stil pending a response.

I bought one about a month ago, and its doing well, although its completely flat. Does this mean anything?

I was looking for info about blooming. Mine blooms and I am afraid it will die. It’s monocarpic. I didn’t find info in your article. I will appreciate more about blooming greenovia. Thank you

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