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Video about zinnia. Zinnia Orange King is a bright flower, just an amazing combination of yellow and orange. There are still pink ones, yellow ones - extraordinary beauty, because what kind of zinnia is not in the store now. I really love tall zinnia, it has very strong stems. They say that zinnia will never let a bad person into the house, so without zinnia I have no plot, not a garden. There is already nothing, but the zinnia continues to bloom, it's a pity to say goodbye to her when you leave. It still blooms in October, so zinnia comes first.

Zinnia video

And here are tagetes, or - as we affectionately call them - marigolds, here they are short, and behind me they are tall. And these are thin-leaved, such a bunch of me began to grow from such a seating arrangement, which I sowed on April 1 in a box without a pick, and then I swooped down. How it grows! She doesn't even have enough space, because there are three plants. And what a smell! Just an extraordinary tagetes.

He is unpretentious, does not get sick with anything. But remember how to water them: you cannot water them directly from the hose, water the flowers from the barrel. They took a watering can, directed it in the center, and let the water flow, and there the water spreads along the ground. Or take a scoop and from the bucket just down into the root system. But don't hose the plants over the flowers. If you watered all the flowers, soaked them, and the sun came out, there will certainly be spots, burns, and you will lose decorativeness.

Fertilize flowers once every 10 days, give them small doses, flowers do not like large doses of fertilizer. They love a tablespoon per bucket, a teaspoon of mineral fertilizer per 10 liters of water and about 2 tbsp. l. any liquid fertilizer for flowers. I feed them exactly liquid, ready-made, I buy them in the store, and the flowers grow like that.

I have a kosmeya nearby, it has just begun to bloom, today I will process it with a “bud”, and there will be a lot of buds, the kosmeya will be covered with double pink and white daisies. They say that cosmeya in the apartment creates a kind, good mood, everyone loves each other.


  1. Information about Garden Plants

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The clematis Cloudburst hybrid was bred by Polish breeders on the territory of the Szczepana Marczyński nursery. During the flowering period, flowers appear in a light pink-purple hue, the middle is white, while there are streaks of pink.

Flowers can reach a diameter of 10-12 cm; in total, from 4 to 6 rhombic petals can form. The petals have pointed wavy edges, from the bottom they are light pink, in the center there is a dark stripe. The anthers are located in the central part of the flower, as a rule, they have a fairly dark purple-purple hue with a creamy stem.

Abundant flowering, continues from the second half of August, towards the end of September, flowering is weaker. Young shoots of Clematis of the Cloudburst variety have a green-purple color, the old ones acquire a brown tint. Clematis is able to grow up to 3 m.

Clematis Cloudburst is shown in the photo:

Description of tomato variety Sofa F1

Sofa F1 is an early ripe tomato hybrid. Only 80-85 days pass between the emergence of seedlings from seeds and the collection of the first fruits that have reached full ripeness.

Tomato bushes Sofa determinant, "squat", with a powerful stem, relatively compact. The growth of the central shoot in them is limited by the height "set" by the breeder. In the open field, it is 0.9-1 m, in the greenhouse - 15-20 cm more. The foliage is medium, the leaf plates are medium-sized, with a "carved" shape typical of tomatoes.

Most of the tomatoes weigh 80-100 g. The size of the F1 Sofa is a cross between cherry and cocktail tomatoes. Occasionally, there are larger specimens weighing 120-150 g. The skin is glossy, thin, but elastic and strong, deep red in color. The color is monochromatic, without a light spot at the peduncle.

The pulp is very juicy and tender, fine-grained on the cut, with a pronounced "tomato" aroma. Fruits contain 3-4 seed chambers; there are very few seeds in them. They are small, almost imperceptible when eating.

Fruit shape - classic for tomatoes, round-flattened

In terms of taste, Sofa tomatoes noticeably outperform many other varieties with early ripening periods. They are distinguished by the richness of taste, in which both pronounced sweetness and light, "balancing" its sourness are clearly distinguished. These tomatoes can be confused with mid-late or late-ripening varieties and hybrids, and their outstanding taste is characteristic of these tomatoes.

Foliar dressing of the garden

This is a great way to quickly replenish the lack of substances necessary for the normal development of the plant. The main advantage of foliar dressing (in other words, spraying) is that the plant absorbs more nutrients through the leaves, and they begin to act much faster.

For spraying a garden and a vegetable garden, liquid complex fertilizer must be diluted in a weaker concentration - about 2 times lower than when applied at the root. Keep in mind to spray both the top and bottom sides of the leaf.


The fruits of this variety have bactericidal properties, therefore they are quite successfully used in medicine and cosmetology. It is absorbed quickly enough, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, reduces blood clotting. Cherries are a favorite treat for both adults and children. Indeed, as mentioned above, its fruits contain many micro- and macroelements necessary for the health of the human body, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, copper, phosphorus. Among the vitamins that fruits, in particular, and Turgenevka, are rich in, is folic acid, which is indispensable for everyone. This wonderful variety received the greatest popularity and many fans in central Russia, since the tree is not too capricious - it tolerates very well both temperature changes and the presence of atmospheric precipitation, gives a generous harvest, is not particularly prone to unpleasant fungal diseases (moniliosis and commycosis ).

In addition to eating delicious fruits in their pure form, it is widely used to make jams, jams, fruit drinks, compotes, berry wine. In addition, you can freeze the berries, as well as dry them for the winter, so that later you can also cook delicious compotes or add cherries to baked goods.

Plant varieties

There are many varieties of cultures, but we will consider the most popular:

    Salvia splendens or brilliant salvia... The height of the bushes is up to 0.8 meters, the leaves are opposite, from above they are painted in a rich green shade, from below - pale green.

Most often it blooms with red buds, but there are other shades - white, pink, purple. The species is able to bloom until the end of frost. Salvia coccinea or salvia red. Height - up to 0.7 meters, petiolate leaves, inflorescences resemble red corollas.

The most popular variety is Lady in Red. Salvia farinacea or C. mealy. Differs in beautiful purple flowers, sometimes white specimens are found, plant height up to 0.9 meters.

Pleases with long flowering - until the end of autumn. Popular varieties are Strata and Victoria. Salvia viridis or C. green (variegated). It grows up to 0.6 meters, has bracts of a rich shade, against which the corollas of pink color do not look so variegated.

A popular variety of this type is "White Swan".

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